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DIU is making an Uber-like app for talent management in DOD

by Jackson Barnett

DIU said the app will link service members with specialized skills in reserve and guard components to projects that they can quickly advance.

The Army’s first software factory fully up and running

by Jackson Barnett

The Army's first software factory is up and running with its own office space in Austin Community College.

Top Army general vows for new cyber talent management system

by Jackson Barnett

The Army is working to change the way it does cyber talent management, including different fitness requirements and promotion structures.

Army and Howard University team up for AI center of excellence

by Sara Wilson

The $7.5 million partnership will establish fellowships and scholarships to research civilian applications for AI and multi-domain military operations.

Army piloting new talent management pipelines to guarantee career paths

by Jackson Barnett

The Army wants to retain its talented officers. So it's letting them have more predictability in their careers to keep them in uniform.

Army Cyber Command is ‘evolving’ beyond cyber-operations

by Jackson Barnett

Army Cyber Command's mission is "evolving" to focus on operations not strictly limited to traditional cyber operations, its command general said.

Army opens its new Cyber Command headquarters

by Jackson Barnett

"The IT is very powerful," Army Cyber Command's top general said of the new headquarters for his command.

Futures Command looking to grow Army tech talent through new educational programs

by Jackson Barnett

The Army wants to have more AI skills across its force, with technologists informing how it thinks about the future. So it's launching several new programs to educate and collaborate.

Inside the Army’s rapid IT response to COVID-19, with Lt. Gen. Bruce Crawford

by Billy Mitchell

In an exclusive interview, Lt. Gen. Bruce Crawford describes the Army's ability to rapidly adapt and innovate during the coronavirus pandemic and how it led to continued mission outcomes in uncertain times.