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How California managed its digital COVID-19 response

by Ryan Johnston

Angie Quirarte, California’s deputy director of digital innovation, said her team managed chaos as the information landscape shifted by the hour in 2020.

Broadband stratified by demographics and income in California, survey finds

by Ryan Johnston

Researchers at the University of Southern California found at-home broadband access varies greatly by income and race, despite overall improvements statewide.

Will cities work remotely? Officials still have unanswered questions

by Ryan Johnston

Local governments adapted well to their remote working environments, but city leaders now want more thoughtful governance before making the switch for good.

Former local IT official wants to 'demystify' digital services

by Ryan Johnston

Rebecca Woodbury, the former digital services chief of San Rafael, California, launched her a consulting practice this year focused on helping small cities with their digital services.

California Gov. Newsom unveils unemployment-tech 'strike team'

by Ryan Johnston

The new team includes Code For America Founder Jennifer Pahlka, who will help streamline an outdated process that has resulted in what Gov. Gavin Newsom called an "unacceptable" claims backlog.

California pursues flexibility in procurement as state modernizes IT

by Colin Wood

State CTO Richard Rogers says changing the state’s relationship with vendors will ultimately allow California agencies to achieve better outcomes.

LA controller debuts data-driven youth development strategy

by Ryan Johnston

His plan would use wellness and achievement data to better understand the risks that Los Angeles youth face on a day-to-day basis.

Procurement reform can help states transform in 'smaller chunks,' says California CIO

by Jake Williams

California Chief Information Officer Amy Tong says digital transformation should focus heavily on business needs to be effective.

Deborah Acosta wants to show Silicon Valley how women run things

by Benjamin Freed

Deborah Acosta knew making San Leandro, California, stand out among other San Francisco Bay Area communities would be a challenge when she became its chief innovation officer in 2013. The city of about 90,000, just south of Oakland and across the water from ritzy Silicon Valley cities like YouTube home San Bruno, was still trying to move on from its past as a decaying manufacturing hub and poster child for the restrictive covenants…