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Money's great, but it's not everything, state CISOs say

by Benjamin Freed

Federal aid is welcome, but organizations need to be mindful of their maturity levels, the CISOs of Illinois and Washington said during an online event.

Why North Carolina outsourced election cybersecurity to a 'CISO-as-a-service'

by Benjamin Freed

The state board of elections saved money by hiring a team of outside vendors to act as its top cybersecurity adviser and liaison to partner agencies.

The telework rush tested states' cybersecurity, IT maturity

by Colin Wood

States that had already adopted virtualization and cloud tech are faring best, and those that hadn't are rapidly catching up.

How one Virginia county benefited by moving data to the cloud

by komi.akoumany

Fairfax County benefits from improved operational intelligence and cost savings from a reduced data center footprint, a new report says.

Michigan's CISO-as-a-service initiative is so popular the state might spin it off

by Benjamin Freed

Last year, Michigan began offering its smaller cities and counties cybersecurity help. The idea was that even if local governments became more reliant on technology, they might not be able to afford full-time information security personnel. Through offering assessments and remedies, the state effectively began offering its services as a chief information security officer for hire. The program has been so successful for the nine local governments that participated, that the state’s top information technology officials are trying to…