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Federal agencies need to improve hiring flexibility in battle for IT talent

by Julia Weaver

Federal agencies face more than a wage-scale disadvantage when competing with commercial firms for technology talent. They also have to overcome rigid hiring rules which tend to disqualify promising candidates and discourage others from seeing a path for growth, say private sector workforce experts. Those hurdles are hardly new to government. However, they’re becoming more formidable as a broader U.S. shortage of technology and cybersecurity workers continues to hobble federal…

$120K for dorm Wi-Fi upgrades? College CIO does it himself instead

by Jake Williams

For Illinois College Assistant CIO Marc Benner, drilling holes into cement walls became part of his job description as he replaced legacy Wi-Fi infrastructure.

North Carolina launches cybersecurity training program for veterans

by Benjamin Freed

The state is partnering with Cisco and other tech firms to offer free training to former military members pursuing cybersecurity careers.