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IT and cyber collaboration was key in Ohio U.'s pandemic response

by Benjamin Freed

A network engineer and a security engineer from Ohio University described how they've worked closely during the pandemic to keep the school's network secure.

Purdue University launches virtual innovation program

by Betsy Foresman

The program will allow professors to collaborate with their peers across departments and develop innovative teaching methods and courses.

'Citizen developers' help Texas city build digital services quickly and affordably

by Ryan Johnston

More than 30 non-IT employees in Garland, a Dallas suburb of about 240,000, taught themselves how to design digital workflows making government more efficient.

North Dakota's building a cybersecurity operations center — and everyone's invited

by Colin Wood

Technology officials are compiling technologies and forming relationships across state boundaries to build a unified defense against cyberattacks.

St. Louis universities build consortium for cybersecurity students

by Colin Wood

To help meet a growing need for cybersecurity professionals, universities in the St. Louis region are banding together to share resources and provide their students with new opportunities as they prepare to enter the workforce. The Gateway Higher Education Cybersecurity Consortium was initially formed in late 2017 by six St. Louis-area universities but in recent months has developed bylaws, hired an executive director and is attracting new members. Mary Abkemeier,…

Can collaboration tools like Slack, HipChat and G Suite help fix government? USDS is betting on it

by Billy Mitchell

Some members of the U.S. Digital Service have a bold hypothesis about government work: By using modern collaboration tools — applications like Slack, Skype, HipChat, Google Suite and others — overworked federal employees could free themselves up from hours of basic-but-cumbersome tasks every day to focus more on the mission-oriented services the nation depends on. USDS