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Those who are ‘data fluent’ will be future leaders of DOD, deputy CDO says

by Billy Mitchell

"Those who are fluent in using data will be the future leaders in our organization," said Clark Cully, DOD's deputy chief data officer.

DIU is making an Uber-like app for talent management in DOD

by Jackson Barnett

DIU said the app will link service members with specialized skills in reserve and guard components to projects that they can quickly advance.

DOD to allow personal phones to access ‘DOD365’ platform

by Jackson Barnett

Acting DOD Chief Information Office John Sherman gave an update on the DOD's new collaboration platform, DOD365.

DOD grapples with the future of its cyber workforce

by Billy Mitchell

"I think the divide between the need is growing compared to what we’re able to fulfill. I’m not sure we’re closing the gap, and time is ticking for us to do so," Lt. Gen. Dennis Crall, CIO of the Joint Staff, said during a hearing.

DDS 2.0: The Pentagon digital team’s journey from startup to full-fledged firefighter

by Billy Mitchell

The DDS of today is not the one it was when it started in 2015. Its current leaders explore the evolution of the team in recent years.

Where DOD’s telework goes from here

by Jackson Barnett

Launching Commercial Virtual Remote in a matter of weeks was one of the largest technology lifts the DOD has ever undertaken — but it is just the start.

Space Force starts transitioning cybersecurity professionals into its ranks

by Jackson Barnett

Space Force is onboarding its first Cyber Guardians to better protect satellites and space assets from hacking.

Federal Data Strategy Year 2 action plan will continue ‘foundational’ actions

by Dave Nyczepir

Data governance, infrastructure and the workforce remain areas in need of improvement, said the chair of the federal CDO Council.

Tech workers don’t hate the military that much — most don’t even really care

by Jackson Barnett

A new study deals a blow to the narrative that Silicon Valley doesn't want to work with the Military.