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Navy looks to onboard 472,000 users to new virtual environment by end of September

by Billy Mitchell

The new platform is called Flank Speed, and is part of the larger DOD365 cloud environment.

Navy sails into DevSecOps with new program, task force

by Jackson Barnett

DevSecOps is coming to the Navy. Its new platform Black Pearl bears the motto "make ship happen."

The Navy seeks to integrate all telework capabilities in long-term solution

by Jackson Barnett

The Navy is thinking big on its future telework suite, using more time to develop a broader set of tools that will be more integrated.

Coming soon: A one-stop-shop for information about DOD’s online courses

by Jackson Barnett

DOD wants its education data to be interoperable, creating an enterprise-wide course catalog recently.

Navy looking for tech to plug gaps in its IT workforce

by Jackson Barnett

The Navy is looking for technology that will help thinly-staffed IT shops by providing "automated management" and troubleshooting to sailors and Marines.

Marine Corps’ new education strategy focuses on tech-driven ‘continuous’ learning

by Jackson Barnett

The Marine Corps issues its first new education doctrine document in more than 20 years focused on continuous learning in the face of new tech challenges.