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Think tank plans to train state lawmakers in cybersecurity

by Benjamin Freed

The National Cybersecurity Center is planning a 50-state (virtual) tour to help raise awareness of cyber hygiene and threats among legislators.

How the pandemic helped election officials prepare for a flood of misinformation

by Sean Lyngaas

Election security experts say months of extraordinary preparation during the coronavirus pandemic are paying off.

'This is how it was all supposed to work': The EI-ISAC readies for Election Day

by Benjamin Freed

The director of the information-sharing organization for election officials said preparations for Election Day are unfolding just as planned.

Why a think tank is connecting cybersecurity volunteers with election officials

by Benjamin Freed

Maya Worman, executive director of the University of Chicago Harris School's Election Cyber Surge says the program aims to let election officials "know they are not out to sea."

Why North Carolina outsourced election cybersecurity to a 'CISO-as-a-service'

by Benjamin Freed

The state board of elections saved money by hiring a team of outside vendors to act as its top cybersecurity adviser and liaison to partner agencies.

For better election security, get to know the IT people

by Benjamin Freed

Speakers at a conference for county officials ran down numerous technical details worth noting, but the human element, they said, preceded most of them.

North Carolina’s election-security drills were 2020 preparation

by Colin Wood

State CIO Eric Boyette said the cross jurisdictional exercises are one piece of an extensive cybersecurity program running throughout the state.

Cybersecurity firm offers free penetration testing to states ahead of midterm elections

by Benjamin Freed

Synack, a cybersecurity firm that specializes in finding vulnerabilities in critical systems, announced Tuesday that it is offering to test the resiliency of election systems in every state for free, ahead of this November’s elections. The firm’s founder, Jay Kaplan, made the offer in a letter to all 50 secretaries of state, writing that Synack would open its crowdsourced bug-hunting service “to any state that wants to harden their voter registration…