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New Google program offers digital skills to formerly incarcerated adults

by Colin Wood

The search giant developed a bank of online resources for nonprofits working with people recently released from prison.

Google's COVID-19 vaccination chatbot now speaks 28 languages

by Ryan Johnston

Google says its Contact Center AI software can understand the difference between similarly phrased questions in 28 languages and dialects.

Machine learning speeding up patent classifications at USPTO

by Dave Nyczepir

The agency sent its top engineers to Google to be certified in TensorFlow and develop neural network feedback loops for patent examiners to rate algorithms.

Google upgrades education suite, unveils 40 new Chromebook varieties

by Ryan Johnston

Google will offer more than 40 new types of Chromebooks for schools this year, alongside new features to its cloud-based learning platforms.

Think tank plans to train state lawmakers in cybersecurity

by Benjamin Freed

The National Cybersecurity Center is planning a 50-state (virtual) tour to help raise awareness of cyber hygiene and threats among legislators.

Google invests $1M in digital-skills training at Black universities

by Colin Wood

A $1 million program co-led by the Thurgood Marshall College Fund is designed to reach 20,000 students attending historically Black colleges and universities.

West Virginia to move state employees to Google Workspace

by Benjamin Freed

The move is expected to save the state government $11.5 million, Gov. Jim Justice said.

How the pandemic sparked Miami's data-driven culture shift

by Ryan Johnston

Miami CIO Michael Sarasti told StateScoop the city's "data-driven culture" was made legitimate by the pressures of the ongoing health crisis.

Google announces certificates, scholarships to support workforce

by Jake Williams

Google says it will consider completion of the Coursera-based programs, which begin this fall, the equivalent of a four-year college degree.