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FBI employee indicted for stealing classified info on FBI cybersecurity work

by Shannon Vavra

The documents also revealed information on al Qaeda and counterintelligence work.

The NSA has a new interim cybersecurity director

by Shannon Vavra

The interim NSA Cybersecurity Director previously served as Cyber Command's executive director.

Rob Joyce named new NSA cybersecurity director

by Shannon Vavra

He'll be the second-ever director.

US military researchers may have found a more productive vulnerability discovery process

by Shannon Vavra

Automation is the key to running more efficient vulnerability discovery research, U.S. military researchers say in new research.

Here's the NSA's advice for reducing the exposure of cellphone location data

by Shannon Vavra

Although cell phone users can take steps to limit the risk their mobile devices are exposing location data, the NSA is warning now there is no way to eliminate the risk.

NSA chief information officer role remains ‘ambiguous’

by Dave Nyczepir

Failure to clarify the position's authorities and responsibilities means the agency might not be getting the most out of its IT, according to NSA OIG.

NSA contractor indicted for fudging timesheet

by Shannon Vavra

It's an extremely rare charge.

Government cyber reskilling programs are just getting started, Federal CIO says

by Shannon Vavra

Federal CISO Suzette Kent says the two rounds of academies have had more than 2,300 federal employees apply in all.

Security clearance background checks should take three days, Rep. Will Hurd says

by Shannon Vavra

“I never thought I would have to work on such a basic issue as this," the Texas Republican says about the federal security clearance process, which is still working on a large backlog of applications.