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How a small-town police department overcame its GIS challenge

by Colin Wood

Not big enough to hire full-time GIS staff, Radcliff, Kentucky, found the help it needed updating its dispatch systems through a contract with GeoComm.

Piece by piece, next generation 911 is coming

by Jackson Barnett

One of the nation’s most critical systems — 911 — has been a technological laggard for years. That’s finally starting to change, as companies like Apple and Google stir public interest in new features like the ability to share more precise location data with emergency responders. But for infrastructure that has in many places gone untouched for decades and has no clear source of funding for upgrades, the path leading to…

Police could be doing so much more with body cameras, says former chief

by Colin Wood

Jonathan Parham says that when it comes to body-worn cameras, law enforcement is missing out on a big opportunity. Parham — who retired as the chief of police for the City of Linden, New Jersey, on Jan. 1 — told StateScoop that law enforcement’s focus on body-worn cameras as a mere additional witness in the sometimes contentious relationship between police and the public falls woefully short of the technology’s potential. Instead…

To jumpstart data-driven decision making in government, Socrata launches Data Academy

by Colin Wood

To meet a widespread desire among government entities for “improved data-driven decision making,” data software firm Socrata has launched a new training program for government called Socrata Data Academy. Announced Tuesday as customizable in-person workshops designed “for each organization’s needs,” paired with a series of free online course materials, the Academy seeks to fill gaps in cross-agency data training that some organizations may not be able to provide themselves. Local…

Alabama CIO navigates thin budget to fund new tech, cyber

by Jake Williams

As Alabama fights to pass a budget that will fully fund its government, state IT officials like Brunson White are forced to make do with what they have.