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Lawmakers look to create cyber training programs at CISA, VA

by Dave Nyczepir

The Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Expansion Act would create apprenticeships and a retraining program for veterans.

Think tank launches cybersecurity training for state officials

by Benjamin Freed

The National Cybersecurity Center's new campaign is aimed at improving awareness among the state legislators who fund IT and cybersecurity policies.

Air Force updates Digital University with new career tracks

by Jackson Barnett

The Air Force's Digital University launched new features aimed at making it more accessible to users looking to develop tech skills.

NSA launches open source training platform for apps, development

by Jackson Barnett

The new tool, called SkillTree, was developed for training NSA employees on complex applications as well as software development, but it is available for adaptation by the public.

Air Force continues push on virtual training with new contracts

by Jackson Barnett

The Air Force wants to train more pilots virtually, leaders have said. They anticipate more virtual training to be safer and more effective for young pilots.

As Air Force’s Digital U grows its ranks, it looks to refine course work

by Jackson Barnett

3,000 airmen have signed up, from the lowest-ranking officers to a two star general.

GSA introduces on-demand IT Acquisition University

by Billy Mitchell

The program offers on-demand training content conducted by IT and acquisition experts in the agency's Information Technology Category.

National Security Commission on AI recommends digital reserve corps and academy

by Jackson Barnett

The ideas would help to increase the technology workforce in the government and retain workers in the private secretor through a reserve corps like the military.

CIO Council report recommends improvements to federal IT hiring

by Billy Mitchell

The report's top recommendation is to create a comprehensive special pay system for IT jobs across government.